We uphold the integrity of business, appreciate the advice and guidance respecting the stakeholders,and fulfill the duty of communication and coordination, maintain good relations of interaction and cooperation protect the legitimate rights and interests of stakeholders.



Our company is developed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Standards Law approach, according to the law for employees and labor insurance, health insurance and labor pension set aside to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. In addition, it also provides for employees retirement severance, worker disaster, compassionate way to properly take care of matters related to employee retirement and career disasters. The committee of employee benefits composed of business unit and employees which implement the welfare of the staff and improve quality of life, promote harmonious labor relations.


Our company pays highly attention to the absolute commitment to our customers to continuously improve the quality of service and hardware and software equipment, to meet customer needs. Under the policy in line with customer demand and achieve a win-win situation, we provide customized services to meet customer demand.


Our company has established a complete supplier information as a reference and cooperation basis, and have communication with suppliers from time to time with suppliers in order to improve the quality of cooperation and understanding.


Our company has a spokesman and deputy spokesman who responsible for communication and coordination issues and recommendations for the investors. And shall regularly hold shareholders' meeting, indicating the company’s operating conditions. Besides, to ensure the interests of investors, it is responsible to expose the information and the company's significant issues in MOPS.

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If found in violation of the relevant stakeholders ethical behavior or violations of the law, please contact us through the following information.

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