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      Mytrex was founded in 1990by President, Min-Sheng Yang. Under the leadership of President Yang, it is operated in the manufacturing of non-woven materials and special medical supplies with innovative design and development. By inviting domestic and foreign outstanding talented personnel to expand the development and improvement of medical and industrial products and technology and also creates young and energetic working environment. For the pursue of high-quality and high-tech leading products as corporate goal, Mytrex always moves forward with the newest technology and modern trends of products ranging from medical to industrial filtration material such as various types of filtration media under EU or US regulations on industrial safety norms, lab coats or outfits, cabin filtration, vacuum cleaner filter bags and special medical supplies.



      For the corporate transformation and expansion of business scale, we established Medical Biotechnology Division by the Board with consent in 2011. Officially steps the medical supplies business in addition to the non-woven and cloth leasing business which also enhanced our business system and breadth of services. The acquisition of Jie-Bang in 2012 focused on medical supply distribution, developments of cardiology special supplies, joint procurement of medical materials and cloth leasing services. Joint procurement effectively integrates product combination and professional management model to achieve cost-effective optimization to meet customer needs and logistical services. We actively devote the research and development in medical supplies, cloth products and self-owned brand products to fulfil our expectation to contribute in the field of biotechnology.



      Our priority mission is to seek cost optimization, profit maximization, domestic and overseas market expansion. In order to reach the target of customer satisfaction, enhance the ability in R&D and marketing strategy, we continuously expand our business scale, increase productivity and competitiveness to keep up with the trend and reach ultimate goal as well as achieve customer satisfaction.