About Us

  • Optimize the output value of the sales and marketing department of Mytrex to improve the performance of the manufacturing department
  • Implement R&D management and control operating costs
       Mytrex has been in the melt-blown nonwoven industry for more than 30 years. The company has become one of the leading melt-blown filter media suppliers in Asia. In addition to improving the mature process technology of the factory continuously, Mytrex is also dedicated to maintaining the highest quality for their products with lean management. The R&D team also continues to developing products that can be applied to new areas, including the feasibility evaluation of applying new polymeric material to melt-blown process, and successively develop special composite non-woven. From daily necessities, industrial filtering products to sanitary and medical non-woven fabric markets, Mytrex has demonstrated the capability of product design and the stability of factory production quality. Other than the strength of business development, entering overseas markets by Air filtration and mask/respirator filter media, they have also been evaluating the application of non-woven products in variety of industries.

       In recent years, due to the rising awareness of environmental sustainability, countries around the world have been implementing stricter standards for automobile emissions control. In response to that, the most direct and effective way to reduce CO2 emissions is to improve the efficiency of energy usage by reducing the car weight. So how car weight can be reduced? Acoustic insulation from Mytrex can create a quiet cabin environment for the drivers and reduce car weight at the same time. As different models (fuel vehicles/electric vehicles) and body structures requires different specifications for acoustic insulation, in order to provide product diversification in the future, Mytrex will continue to develop new manufacturing processes to improve product performance. At the same time, more advanced products have been developed, which means better sound insulation performance with the same car weight.

       Moreover, Mytrex is also focused on developing higher level of antibacterial HEPA filter such as Platinum-Nano, and expanding the research and development of liquid filtration capabilities based on existing technologies. At the same time, the management team are able to precisely predict global trends and stay ahead, whether by its sales channel or the direction of product research and development to seize the market.

       Mytrex upholds the concept of sustainable operations, continuously invests resources in improving melt-blown manufacturing technology, and upgrading the technical level to be equivalent to the world's leading manufacturers, and even expands their cross-industry fields from melt-blown manufacturing to exceed the existing scope of services; on the other hand, in response to the company policy of diversification, the company has been looking to shift their position from material supplier to actively seeking for an opportunity to become a manufacturer of finish products for major international companies.